Silicon Babes Review

Silicon Babes is an online sex doll vendor that is located in Ingrham Street in Los Angeles, in the United States, and was established in the year 2016. That is a whopping two and a half years of being in this sexy business of bringing you premium and high-quality sex dolls at pretty competitive prices. Silicon Babes stocks most of the sex dolls you can find on other website vendors, with almost the same descriptions, and in the same positions and poses. 

Silicon Babes Review

Image: Silicon Babes Website. Screenshot was taken on August 27, 2019

Silicon Babes insists that on their website, you will never lack a sex doll of your preference, neither will you buy a low-quality or substandard sex doll. It also is stated on the website that the company has been in operation for six years now, even after stating on the same page that it was founded in 2016. You know, with such contradicting information, we may be left wondering as to how much else may be contradictive as far as their products are concerned!

The Website of Silicon Babes

The Silicon Babes website is intricately designed, with a stunning arrangement of most of its columns, stuffed with as much information as possible on all topics surrounding sex dolls. The website, however, has not invested very well in the images of the sex dolls. We thought the photos were somewhat scanty and not taken from as many positions as possible to ensure you get a clear picture in mind. We also thought the images were copied directly from other websites, including the descriptions and measurements info. 

The website has, however, gone a step ahead to ensure the public has adequate information as far as sex dolls are concerned. The columns are divided into all the relevant parts, and each part accorded as much info as should be contained therein, to ensure the public is very receptive of sex dolls, especially with the changing tides we are riding in.

Sex Doll Collection at Silicon Babes is Wide and Excellent!

Oh yes! You read that correctly. We are trusting that Silicon Babes has an extensive sex doll collection to satisfy the needs of most of its clients. As per the selection listed, the sex dolls are differentiated using their physical features, including size, shape, height, and even color, among others. These are the features you can use to select your preferred sex doll if it fits within your taste. 

If you find that the sex dolls have fallen short of your preference, do not be in a hurry to leave. Silicon Babes has put in place a customization option for you, which will primarily ensure that you can build your sex doll step by step from scratch using all your preferred features. Choose from a wide range of sex doll skin colors, eye and hair colors, and sex doll body sizes including boobs and asses, as well as all kinds of sex doll heights. Remember to specify tiny details like whether or not you like your sex doll to have a detachable vagina or a fixed one! 

Silicon Babes Review

Image: Sex Doll at Silicon Babes. Photo taken from Silicon Co.

Even if we noticed that the sex doll images look like they have been copied in every detail from other websites, we still think that if it is possible that Silicon Babes is trading with their dolls, they are great, but the vendor should be able to state copyright information for the public to see.

Another very wide variety of products on the Silicon Babes websites are its sex doll accessories. Silicon Babes understands that you may need to occasionally break the monotony of having only one look on your sex doll. As such, they have gone a step higher to provide you with numerous sex doll heads to choose from, as well as sex doll wigs and more so, sexy sex doll lingerie to ensure your sex doll has several changes. But that is not all; if you need sex lubes, make-up kits, cleaning kits including soaps and shampoos, Silicon Babes has ensured you can get that and more on their websites. While at it, please remember to pick some hairbrushes and ornaments for that added touch of beauty! 

Silicon Babes Website Testimonials and Feedback

We always have to insist on reading the reviews first before going ahead to buy sex dolls from any vendor. This is the only way that you can use to know if your intended vendor is legit, or if they provide excellent service. But then, the best feedback has to come from third-party websites like review sites or the like. If the reviews are on the vendor page, you cannot be too sure that they are real or manufactured. They may be a means of attracting customers to themselves, for all we know. 

Silicon Babes Review

Image: Customer Review. Screenshot was taken on August 27, 2019

Silicon Babes has many feedback reviews on its website, and fortunately, most of them are positive. However, only one negative one caught our eye, on a delayed delivery, which states that it took up to six weeks to receive a sex doll!

Silicon Babes Privacy Policy

This one is very much on point. It is as though Silicon Babes knows that private and confidential transactions are the perfect path to the heart of the client. They have ensured that all of your details, as well as financial information, are kept safe and away from the prying eye of the public. 

Silicon Babes ensures that your sex doll is packaged securely and privately in plain brown boxes that are not labeled or marked in any way to denote that a sex doll is on board. This will also protect you from the prying eye of the curious people at the customs officers who will be waiting for any chance to give you that uncomfortable thrown glance.

Silicon Babes Review

Image: Silicon Babes Discreet Packaging. Photo taken from Silicon Babes Co.

The transactions at Silicon Babes are protected by firm security policies and renowned security firms across the globe. In this era of online shopping for virtually everything, you could find yourself in the trap of sophisticated hackers and online fraudsters who are waiting at the next opportunity to con you of your hard-earned cash.

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