Silicon Wives Review

Silicon Wives Review

Silicon Wives store reviewed in this article is the best example of a store where you can find high-quality sex dolls for a reasonable price. These guys are big players in the sex dolls market. The selection of the sex dolls will impress you, and the overall shopping experience will leave you satisfied.

Sex Dolls Review

Sex Dolls Reviews Team liked the fact that all the sex dolls have such a variety of pictures provided on the website – from clothes/ no clothes to different positions, and creative settings for the sex dolls. We also loved their “stories” behind every doll – they are funny and unique to every doll. We suggest that you read all the descriptions that Silicon Wives Team wrote for you – they are worth it!

Silicon Wives have a large collection of TPE dolls on their website. Customization options are available on their website so that you can create the love doll of your dreams. Blue hair, huge ass, D-cup breasts – you name it. Every option is available on Silicon Wives.

This online store also offers a wide variety of masturbators, vaginas, torsos and different body parts of a sex doll for your pleasure. The replacement parts and wigs are also available on Silicon Wives website.

Silicon Wives Review

Payment Methods

Silicon Wives Team uses PayPal as their main platform for payment, along with all major credit cards. When you get your billing statement for your card, your purchase will show up as “SW Order,” so it wouldn’t be obvious that you purchased a sex doll.

If you prefer installment plans – Silicon Wives have options for financing your sex doll. This is a great opportunity to get the high-quality sex doll that you always wanted without talking out a big chunk of money from your wallet. By the way, you can cancel your payment within 24 hours, if you changed your mind.

Shipping Options

Get ready to wait around 2-3 weeks before the doll gets shipped to you and another 3-7 days for the delivery. The box that you will get will have no sign of the content, so no neighbors, roommates or even your wife will know about the purchase. Silicon Wives offers free shipping through FedEx and UPS.

Silicon Wives Review

Return Policy

If there is any damage/ defect on the doll, you are required to contact Silicon Wives right away to get a refund/exchange if the doll is unused. No other reasons, besides damage will be considered for a refund. Sex Dolls are a product that can only be used by the purchaser – for the sanitary reasons. You wouldn’t want to receive a used doll for such a price, wouldn’t you?

Silicon Wives Review

We can recommend Silicon Wives for multiple reasons:

1. Great variety of sex dolls available on the website.

2. Professional customer service team.

3. Great refund policy.

4. Highest quality love dolls.

5. PayPal and all major credit cards accepted.

Silicon Wives is a wonderful store managed by creative, fun and professional team. We love their sense of humor, the quality of their products, and overall experience. They are one of the best sex dolls stores on the market. Try them out – you will be happy with your purchase!