Silicone Sex World Review

Silicone Sex World is a trusted online sex doll vendor that prides in being the top provider of silicone and TPE sex dolls in both the UK and the United States. This online shop trades on behalf of the Doll Forum and is known for its high-end sexy sex dolls as well as many different other sex toys as well. The vendor has been in this business line for several years now and has since managed to garner quite a massive client base because of its reputation.  

Silicone Sex World Review

Image: Silicone Sex World Website. Screenshot taken on August 28, 2019

Just like any other online shop, they have many attractive offers on their sex dolls, and even more beautiful and flexible policies. That is why it is no wonder the customer base keeps growing with each passing day! A leading vendor in the extent of its sex doll collection, you will never lack an option at this vendor

A Great Choice of Sex Dolls for you

Speaking of attractive and sexy sex dolls, the shop has the widest variety in your imagination. If you are looking for a big, medium, or small body size, Silicone Sex World got your back. If you are into petite and tiny women, you should look no further. The same applies to all the other aspects of a sex doll; they are found under one roof!

They have an option for you to customize your sex doll. Not everyone prefers to go home with the preconfigured sex dolls, as they may lack an aspect or two of your best desires. As such, they let you decide the size of your sex doll’s boobs, ass, and general body and even extends to the eye color, the hair color, the skin color, as well as the height of your sex doll. By so doing, you go home with the perfect image of your desired woman; in all aspects. 

The sex dolls are either made from TPE or silicone, and this means they are as realistic as possible. If you want to prove this, check out their close-up shots on the petty details of the sex dolls like eyes and skin texture; you would think you are staring at a real woman!

Being a one-stop-shop, there are many other things you can get. For example, some people like to buy extra sex doll heads for that different look to the same body, while others want to purchase several other wigs in color, size, or length. These are found at Silicone Sex World alongside other accessories like cleaning kits, care kits, make-up kits, and sex lubes for your sex doll. If you are looking to buy extra sexy lingerie for your sex doll, or jewelry, and other beauty additives, find them at Silicone Sex World as well.

Benefits of Buying Sex Dolls from Silicone Sex World

There are numerous benefits to back up the enjoyable experience you will get at Silicone Sex World. Perhaps the best part of it is the private nature of their operations. Silicone Sex World aims at keeping you safe at all times by protecting your details and financial details from any possible scammers, cons, or frauds. It is for the same reason they package your sex doll in plain and unlabeled boxes. They also give you the option of picking your doll from the courier stations as opposed to having it dropped at your doorstep. Stay assured of 100% discretion of your details, and even better, a confidential approach in all your transactions.

Enjoy free shipping for your sex doll at any point across the globe. There may be restrictions on most Islamic countries, but the rest are good to go. However, the shipping time may differ from country to country, depending on the speed at your customs offices. 

Silicone Sex World has no hidden charges. We all know how tricky online shopping can be. Occasionally, you may land a crafty vendor who has may hidden costs in the form of transaction fees or even customs fees. In the end, you end up parting with more money than you saw in your cart and you may feel duped. 

There is a well-trained and professional customer service department in Silicone Sex World that works around the clock to attend to all your requests and needs. They are friendly, approachable, and will see to it that all your queries are addressed. You are also free to communicate with Silicone Sex World via email or phone, whose details are displayed on the website. But if you want a more instant touch, click on the live chat button on the website and you will be attended to instantly.

Another reason as to why we front Silicone Sex World for all your sex doll needs is the third-party reviews available online. The vendor seems to have garnered high esteem over the years, as many of the past customers highly recommend the store to any new person. On the website, you will find more of the reviews and recommendations of the user feedback column with all-inclusive details. 

Silicone Sex World Review

Image: Customer Reviews from TrustPilot. Screenshot taken on August 28, 2019

There is also a myriad of information on the website by Silicone Sex World, aimed at guiding the new or first-time sex doll users appropriately. A lot of info including the uses of sex dolls, the benefits of sex dolls, the various types of sex dolls, and also how to use a sex doll, among others are available via blogs and articles posted on the website.

Silicone Sex World Review

Image: Silicone Sex World Information Tab. Photo taken from August 28, 2019

Note: Silicone Sex World ensures that you are represented in the many payment methods they accept. They are listed on the website for the public’s view, but if the method you want to pay via is not listed, it will be better if you reached out to them in person and explained that to them so that they can guide you around it. But in the meantime, go check out their sex dolls, including some stunning new arrivals posted on the website. Ensure you get your sex doll as well and do not be left behind! 

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