Tebux Review

Tebux is an online company that is known for its beautiful and realistic sex dolls. The company’s physical website is in New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States. The company operates in the sex doll business and has been on it for years now. The company prides itself on providing you with ultra-realistic sex dolls in many varieties to choose from. They have a stunning website from which images and testimonials of their existing sex dolls can be obtained. Of importance to note is the experience and expertise that Tebux has earned over the years in this sprouting industry.

Tebux Review

Image: Tebux Website. Screenshot taken on August 30, 2019

Tebux sells authentic, and superior-quality sex dolls of both silicone and TPE materials, which are as realistic and real, could ever be. The images on the website are so authentic they will have you thinking that you are staring at a real woman in there. It is even better than the pictures of their sex dolls that have been taken from most angles so that you are left with a clear idea of the sex doll you want to buy.

Shopping for your Sex Doll

The first great advantage of buying for your sex doll at Tebux is the variety of options you have. They have numerous sex doll designs on their websites that you can pick from. As an added advantage, you can order for an already-configured sex doll to save so much on the production and shipping time. 

One will not fail to notice the intricate design of the website. Clear images of sex dolls taken from more than one angle, as well as a close-up shot of some parts of the sex dolls like the eyes, will make you arrive at a sober decision much faster. The best part is that the sex dolls have been given names so that it is even easier to make a selection. 

Tebux Review

Image: Tebux Large Sized Doll. Photo taken from Tebux

High-quality sex dolls that are complete with exceptional finishes and made from strong and durable materials are another significant aspect of the sex dolls you will find at Tebux. For instance, all the sex dolls are made from either TPE or silicone materials, and their inner frames are made from metals and steel frames for added strength and stability. It is one thing to land a great sex doll, but it is an entirely different thing to land a strong, durable, and long-lasting sex doll!

Tebux Review

Image: Tebux Shipping Policies. Screenshot taken on August 30, 2019

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why you should head on to this vendor for your sex doll is their free worldwide shipping. Most sex doll vendors based in the United States always have reservations about shipping to countries outside of the US, but not Tebux. Shipping duration may vary with the location of a customer, and obviously, the farther away you are, the longer it might take to get your sex doll; but it eventually arrives anyway.

The Fun Side of Tebux

It is not always given that you will find a sex doll website with visual aids. Most sex doll vendors put more weight on putting up intriguing and tempting images of sex dolls posed in varying positions. It is, however, different from Tebux on more than one ground. But the best of them are the videos that are consistently showing the qualities of the sex dolls sold at Tebux, complete with close-up shots of the finer details like the bouncy boobs and ass as they wobble during sex with each thrust and ride.

Sex Dolls are far better than most 

This is a world of competition, where many companies may be offering the same product, sex doll companies inclusive. Tebux, however, stands out from the crowd with its competitive pricing on its sex dolls. While most people believe that sex dolls cost a fortune, at Tebux you can get a high-quality sex doll for as low as $1,000! The price may vary depending on the size and make of the sex doll, though. 

Tebux Review

Image: Another Sex Doll Naughty Pictures. Phot taken from Tebux

They have your back with their customization feature, where you can customize your sex doll according to your preferences. As many people have different tastes in sex dolls, they allow you to pick your sex doll’s skin color, hair color, eye color, height, boobs; size, butt size, and overall body size. You also get to determine whether your sex doll comes home with a fixed vagina or a detachable one. 

Tebux Review

Image: Customization Feature at Tebux. Screenshot taken on August 30, 2019

As if that is not enough, Tebux has in store many options for your sex doll’s accessories. If you prefer one body type but with different looks to it, get the extra heads sold at Tebux to take home along with your love doll. You can also access more wig types, sex doll care kits, sex lubes, and different-sex doll clothes, etc., at Tebux.

A Stunning Website at Tebux

Tebux runs a beautiful website, as mentioned earlier. It explores varying designs of sex dolls in many different poses, taken from many different angles. This ensures that the sex doll you pick will arrive as it is on the website since you already have a clear image of it. But that is not all, Tebux has invested in a website that is easy-to-use. Thus, ensuring that all detailed information on all the columns is filled.

Note: If you have to reach out to Tebux for more information or clarification about their sex dolls, there are contact numbers that have been put up on the website to that effect. Also, there is a working email address that can be used to reach Tebux customer care staff for more answers to any queries. But if you want a more instant touch to it, you are welcome to use the live chat button on the website to get hold of Tebux anytime 24/7.

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