WM Doll Review

WM Doll Review

WM Doll is one of the top sex dolls manufacturers in mainland China. WM Doll prides itself on producing more than half of the world’s sex doll export. WM Doll is an online vendor with several other accredited vendors for its sex dolls. Information on WM Doll can be accessed via many online channels and social networks where WM Doll has undertaken deep, thorough, and efficient marketing and promotion of its goods. The client base aligned to WM Doll is wide and all over the world.

WM Doll has a designed website with clear images of the sex dolls they sell. They have dressed their sex dolls in sexy lingerie and underwear clothes to attract more clients. Besides that, the sex dolls on the WM Doll website have been posed seductively, provokingly, and invitingly in a bid to drive clients their way. The website is catchy and has all of the incorporated columns display all information precisely and concisely.

WM Doll manufactures both silicone dolls and TPE dolls. The information on their website will take you through the differences between both materials, to the pros and cons of both materials, and which material can work for you. This information has helped clients make informed choices of their sex doll materials and is a big step for WM Doll.

Sex Doll Selection

As stated earlier, all the sex dolls are made either from TPE or silicone materials. You are supposed to choose the material you want your sex doll to come in. Both materials are great and soft and feel good in bed. The skin is soft under your touch and even has a human-like feeling to it. All the dolls WM Doll produces are realistic. This means they are as close as possible to the real woman, some even better and softer.

WM Doll has given you the chance to customize your sex doll into your dream girl, or ideal woman. From a wide selection of sex dolls to choose from, you can determine the body size of your doll, the butt size of your doll, and the boob’s size as well. On top of that, you can determine the skin color of your doll; if you like white, brown, or dark and lovely, you state that here. Consider the eye color you want your sex doll to have- choose a color you like, and that will make you go home early every day. That done, indicate the height you want your sex doll to have.

The sex dolls at WM Doll come with some accessories. These include a few sexy clothes for your doll and wigs. Choose the clothing you like your sex doll to wear and also choose the wig type; long or short, straight or curly, and the color. Next, choose whether you would like your doll to have a detachable vagina or not and for the weird fetish men, choose whether your doll can come with a detachable penis to give you the shemale feeling in bed. Some people would prefer to have several heads to one body, choose the option if you are crazy about a certain body with different heads.

Shipping Information

WM Doll ships its sex dolls across the world to all major countries. The only exceptions are the Muslim countries due to their stringent sexuality laws. For clients in such countries, you can ship to the next country or state and pick it from there.

All shipping with WM Doll is free and is inclusive of all taxes and customs fees. As such, there are no hidden charges whatsoever; the amount you see is the only amount you get to pay.  

All sex dolls from WM Doll arrive in plain brown boxes that are neither marked nor labeled with the content. This has greatly helped to reduce speculations at the customs offices and as such helping to protect your privacy and confidentiality.

Shipping usually takes anything from two weeks to three weeks. This depends on the detail of your order. It also depends on the speed of the customs offices in your country. This time stands for all the way from placing the order, to you receiving your sex doll; it is not that long all factors considered.

WM Doll uses FedEx and UPS as their delivery couriers. You are allowed to let them drop off your doll at your address, or you pick it from their offices.

Return Policy

All sex dolls shipped are checked and tested beforehand and should arrive in good conditions, just as you ordered. If not, WM Doll takes care of the defective sex dolls by either guiding you through rectifying it or replacing your doll if the damage is extensive. Check your doll for any problems on receiving it and contact WM Doll within twenty-four hours if there is an issue.

Used sex dolls are not allowed at all, WM Doll does not accept them because it is not healthy for all the involved parties. You are advised to use your dog well and treat her well so that she can serve you well too.

Payment Methods

WM Doll accepts most payment methods as outlined on their website. These methods include all major debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal, among others. You should contact the WM Doll customer service for more information on the payment methods they accept.

Why Do We Recommend WM Doll?

WM Doll has a very wide client base across the world. The company also has very many reputable sellers attached to it. Besides, WM Doll has been in this business long enough, and anyone would recommend it. They sell superior quality sex dolls, with very competitive prices. Above all, they have a very wide selection of sex dolls for you to choose from, for all your sexual needs. The website of WM Doll has very detailed information for any newbie besides the numerous online positive reviews left by clients.


Great website design.

Superior sex doll qualities.

Highly competitive prices.

Clear display of information.


Sex dolls only meant for men, and women left out.