YL Doll Review

YL Doll Review

YL Doll is an online sex doll company with warehouses in China that has been in business for several years now. YL Doll strives to produce superior quality sex dolls that are as realistic as possible. YL Doll has invested in intense marketing and promotions for its products through many online channels and social media platforms. It is no wonder, then that YL Doll has such a great client base across the world.

The dolls at YL Doll are made from silicone and TPE materials and have been tested and proved safe for human use. It is upon the client to specify the type of material to be used on his sex doll in the process of placing an order. 

The YL Doll is striking in design and outline. It features an artistic display of sex doll images all over for you to choose from depending on your taste and preference. All the information on the website is systematically arranged and easy to peruse through. The given details and analysis is easy to read and understand for any client.

Sex Doll Selection

Sex dolls on the YL Doll website are either silicone or TPE made in the latest advanced technologies with clear goals to provide top quality dolls. They are built from scratch and molded into the real thing by experts and professionals of YL Doll. If you are looking to buy a sex doll from YL Doll, you should not worry any bit because the dolls come straight from the manufacturers.

You can have your sex doll customized into your preferences at the point where you are placing the order. For instance, you get to select your sex doll’s skin color, eye color, body size, butt size, boobs size, height, and makeup options. You are going to get exactly what you ordered for, nothing less.

Consider including the accessories for your sex doll. Again, this depends on your preference. The wig color, length, and nail color are to be specified. Also, specify whether you want your sex doll to come with a detachable vagina or not, as well as a detachable penis for the shemale feeling during sex.

Shipping Information

YL Doll has a clear shipping policy in place. As outlined in the website, YL Doll offers free shipping for all sex dolls worldwide for the countries that permit. As for countries with strict laws on sexuality, like the Muslim countries, YL Doll does not ship to them. You can, however, arrange for the doll to be dropped off in the nearby state that allows sex doll and you pick it up in person. 

YL Doll has no hidden charges as they take care of the taxes and customs fees for you. Shipping may take anything within three weeks to get to you from the date of order. This includes the production time and the shipping time, and as such should not appear that long. Compared to the quality of the sex doll that you will get, and its customization level, it would be worth the wait. 

Return Policy

After placing your order, YL Doll gives you twenty-four hours to cancel the order. If the period elapses, you will not be allowed to revoke the order since production will have started already. If you have to cancel the order, you will incur a percentage of the cost. Be sure to double-check everything before agreeing to the purchase.

All the sex dolls are inspected and checked thoroughly before being shipped to you, YL Doll takes quality very seriously. You are bound to receive only what you ordered for as per your specific instructions, as such there may be minimal cases of wrong dolls received.  

YL Doll outlines clearly that their sale of a sex doll is final and no returning of a sex doll is allowed whatsoever. If you received a wrong doll, that is permitted.  

On receiving your doll, you have twenty-four hours to contact YL Doll in case of any discrepancy. Check thoroughly that your sex doll is in good condition and ensure all is well before you start to sleep with it. If it is spoilt, YL Doll will guide you around repairing it, but if it is beyond repair, you will get a replacement. These conditions only stand if the sex doll arrived while defective, meaning it was spoilt during shipping.

If your sex doll gets spoilt while using it, it is not upon YL Doll to replace it as it cannot be shipped back due to the health compromises on its parties. Take care of your doll well for it to serve you well and for long.

Payment Options

VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and all other major cards are accepted at YL Doll. You are assured of the safety of your information and financial details. You can also pay via PayPal direct and direct bank transfers. Talk to YL Doll for more details about their payment methods as well as other payment methods acceptable to them. There is a clear outline including images of the brand names of the payment methods accepted here, on the website.

Why Do We Recommend YL Doll?

YL Doll has been known to produce superior quality sex doll for a long time now. All the reviews available about YL Doll on the internet are positive and attractive. With YL Doll you do not stand a chance to lose your money to fake dolls at all. All the employees at YL Doll are qualified and professional hence you will receive only the best. YL Doll claims a large percentage of the world’s sex doll exports and as such can be trusted to deliver only the best.


Great quality of sex dolls.

Highly competitive pricing.

Well-structured and inviting website.

Clear information and policies for the public.

Payment options are all accepted here.

Outline list of its trusted vendors across the world.

Protects you from fake dolls.

Allows for customization of sex dolls.


Sex dolls selection only meant for men, and women are left out.

A moderately long period of production and shipping.