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Your Doll Review

Your Doll is an online sex doll vendor located in California along the Concord Avenue in Alhambra. Your Doll was started in 2014 and has been running quality, legit businesses ever since. With over five years of experience and a team that is professional and experienced, Your Doll has set the pace for the production of superior quality sex dolls and sex doll accessories for its clients.

Your Doll specializes both in silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls, and you will be required to state your preference upon placing your order. Realistic dolls, well displayed, and a chance to choose your doll will strike you as you log in to their website.

The Your Doll website is catchy, beautiful, and clearly outlined for absolute access by the public. The various links to their extensive services are available by a click and have very deep information addressing all of the information you might be looking for.

Since most of the sex dolls are made on order, there is no absolute number of sex dolls Your Doll makes in a given period. What is more, the website has been designed graphically to attract as many people as possible. However, there is displayed contact information including phone numbers and email addresses for contact and more information.

Sex Doll Selection

All the sex dolls in Your Doll are made in China warehouses before being exported to them for sale and distribution. Any sex doll you buy from Your Doll is assured to be coming straight from a manufacturer, and not a quack, malicious trader. Your Doll has outlined all its licensed vendors to avoid con vendors from taking advantage and selling to you substandard goods.

Your Doll also sells sex doll accessories and other masturbators, including extra body parts for the dolls like heads. The sex dolls are customized according to your desire. You get to determine the skin color, eye color, hair color, body size, butt size, boobs size, doll height, and all the accessories it should arrive with.

Your Doll caters for the needs of men with weird sexual fetishes as they include in their sex dolls options to have a detachable penis for the feeling of having sex with shemales. It also allows you to determine whether you want your sex doll to have detachable parts or not, especially the detachable vagina.

Shipping Information

Your Doll offers free shipping worldwide for all the orders of sex dolls. However, some countries cannot be allowed to have sex dolls and have strict sexuality laws, and these may hinder deliveries from Your Doll. Countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil, India, Africa, and all Islamic countries fall into this category. You may have to find an alternative entry point for your sex doll-like in the nest state for example.

Shipping your sex doll may take Your Doll approximately two weeks, give and take. This is because most of the sex dolls sold by Your Doll are customized, and not made in advance. So, by the time you place your order, your sex doll production begins from scratch. Not to worry, though, as the end product is worth your wait. It may be longer for countries with more extensive border routines. Also, if your sex doll has more complicated procedures like pubic hairs, for instance, production may take a little more time. Once production begins, your order may not be canceled for any reasons.

Your Doll puts your privacy forward in all its dealings. As such, all their sex dolls are packed in plain, brown boxes that are unmarked and unlabeled. You only realize it is a sex doll upon opening.

Your Doll ships its sex dolls using FedEx, DHL, and UPS. All the sex dolls may be dropped off at your house or any convenient location for you to collect. You get a tracking number for your order so that you are in a position to monitor your sex doll’s movement.

Return Policy

Like most other sex doll vendors, Your Doll has strict policies governing the return of sex doll. One, your sex doll must be unused; used sex dolls will not be accepted back whatsoever. Two, only return your sex doll if it arrives while defective. Thoroughly inspect your sex doll upon arrival to see if everything is okay. If there is a defect, Your Doll will guide you around repairing it. If the defect is massive, then you can get a replacement for it. You are required to properly use your doll so that it can give you more pleasure and fun for longer. Three, to protect all the parties involved, do not ship back an already-used sex doll to Your Doll.

Payment Options

Your Doll is all-inclusive when it comes to the payment options that are acceptable to them. All major credit and debit cards are acceptable, just as is PayPal. For more inquiries on the payment method that is preferable to you, Your Doll customer service is at your service 24/7.

Why Do We Recommend Your Doll?

Your Doll sells superior quality sex dolls, and ships them right to where you are. Their price range is quite affordable and very competitive. All their sex dolls are realistic and made to your preferred specifications. On top of that, Your Doll has a flexible operational policy regarding shipping and returning sex doll. You are guaranteed privacy and confidentiality protection as long as you buy your sex doll from Your Doll. Above all, the information on the Your Doll website is clear, concise, and true. All customers are able to make informed choices regarding purchasing sex dolls from Your Doll.


Your Doll stocks high-quality sex dolls.

Your Doll has very competitive prices.

A flexible allowance for most payment methods.

A variety of sex dolls stocked at Your Doll as well as accessories.

Concise, clear and true information on the website.


Women are left out with no options for male sex dolls.

Too long time taken during shipping.