YRM COLOT (AYIYUN) is an online company that takes pride in selling to you high-quality sex dolls and superior sex toys as well as other related materials. It was formed in the year 2016 and has gradually grown to become one of the biggest sex doll companies across the globe. The company has since expanded and set up manufacturer warehouses and stores in the United States, the United Kingdom, in Australia, as well as China. More and more clients keep flocking to this vendor’s website because of the thorough marketing strategy from its social media platforms. 


YRM COLOT (AYIYUN) Large-Sized Sex Doll. Photo was taken from YRM COLOT (AYIYUN) Alibaba Store

The company not only strives to sell you superior quality sex dolls, but it also ensures that you receive the best service ever through excellent customer service and numerous loads of information to educate you on any area surrounding sex dolls. One thing to note and be confident about is the fact that based on its many years I the market, YRM COLOT (AYIYUN) has garnered lots of experience and expertise, as well as extremely likable feedback and reviews on its website, and the vendor is largely recommended for any new customer. 


Customer Feedback and Ratings of YRM COLOT (AYIYUN) Store. Screenshot was taken on August 30, 2019

What is the Sex Doll Collection like?

Wow! The sex doll collection is massive if we have to sound modest. There are numerous sex dolls to choose from), all coming to you in different sizes, colors, and shapes. This vendor goes ahead to factor in other weird kinds of features of some sex dolls for people who like to make the experience a notch higher. 

All skin colors are represented, as are all eye colors, hair colors, boobs sizes, butt sizes, overall body sizes, without forgetting the heights. Based on all these features, they ensure you do not miss out on getting a sex doll that would blow your mind away. Narrow down your search using the features, and we promise you, you will be staring right at the woman of your dreams. 


A Collection of Sex Dolls and Toys in YRM COLOT (AYIYUN) Store. Screenshot was taken on August 30, 2019

But what happens if none of the displayed sex dolls intrigue you? The online store understands that some people might have totally different preferences in women. It is for this reason that you are given a chance to customize your sex doll based on your taste. Choose your preferred feature from the ones listed above, and also determine other factors like whether your sex doll has a fixed vagina or a detachable one, among other facts, to come up with your preferred sex doll 

But again, what happens to people with crazy ideas, weird sexual fantasies, and unimaginable sexual fetishes? We understand totally, and we do not want you to worry a bit. Because at YRM COLOT (AYIYUN), all your needs are taken care of. If you want your sex doll to have alien-like features like elf ears, for instance, or mind-blowing features like shemales, among others, your prayers will be answered here. So, why look elsewhere?


Realistic Sex Doll. Photo taken from YRM COLOT (AYIYUN) Store.

After all, is said and done, you will need some extra accessories for your sex doll to take home. The store sells extra sex doll heads and sex doll wigs if you wish to break the monotony of only one look. If you want to enhance the beauty of your sex doll with make-up and accessorize her with ornaments, these too can be found at YRM COLOT (AYIYUN). Since sex dolls are better when cleaned and maintained correctly, remember to buy a cleaning kit and care kit, as well as soaps and shampoos before you log out of YRM COLOT (AYIYUN)’s website as well. Also, do not forget that your sex doll will need several changes of lingerie and several wears if you are taking her out. Buy sex doll clothes and sexy lingerie, as well as shoes at YRM COLOT (AYIYUN).

Do you want to make the sexual experience with your sex doll even more magical? YRM COLOT (AYIYUN) sells more sex toys alongside the sex dolls, ranging from dildos, vibrators, masturbators, butt plugs, and Kegel balls, among many others. Talk to YRM COLOT (AYIYUN) today for any extra accessory you may need.

YRM COLOT (AYIYUN) Benefits all its Customers in the Following Ways


YRM COLOT (AYIYUN) Sex Doll. Photo taken from YRM COLOT (AYIYUN)

  • Private and confidential transactions. YRM COLOT (AYIYUN) sees to it that your details, as well as financial information, are well protected from the public. Read through their privacy policy to understand the extent to which the vendor is willing to go to protect its customers. 
  • YRM COLOT (AYIYUN) ensures private and secure shipping. Your sex doll will be packaged in plain, brown boxes without any labels or suggestive names. This will ensure the people at the customs treat your package as any regular package, and that you are not subjected to the prying public eye when you arrive to pick your sex doll. 
  • Free worldwide shipping on all orders. YRM COLOT (AYIYUN) prides in fast and reliable shipping through the world’s top couriers services. Shipping time varies significantly from state to state since the customs laws differ. Unfortunately, Islamic countries and other states with strict sexuality laws are not allowed on the shipping list of YRM COLOT (AYIYUN). Talk to them today to advise you on how to go about it.
  • A convenient return policy. It is not rare to receive your sex doll with a few defects that could occur during shipping. Sometimes, you may even receive the wrong sex doll. YRM COLOT (AYIYUN) totally understands this and requires you to reach out to them to guide you through the return process within one week of receiving your sex doll. If the defect is small, you will also receive guidelines on how to rectify it. Ensure the sex doll to be returned is in its original package, and is untampered with and definitely unused! 

Note: YRM COLOT (AYIYUN) has always been known for its friendly, approachable, and always present customer service officials. If you need any clarification, you can reach out to the vendor via email or call, any time of the day, and you will be attended to accordingly. 

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